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DJR Health Law & Consulting is pleased to present at the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) Annual Conference on October 12-13 in Los Angeles. Deborah Rotenberg and Lauren Barker will participate in a panel discussion “Necessary Care, Uncompensated Costs: Challenges for FQHCs when Providing Obstetrics Services.” FQHCs must provide obstetrics as a required primary health service. As fewer providers offer delivery services, FQHCs’ role in providing care is more critical than ever. However Medi-Cal compensation for deliveries leaves providers significantly undercompensated for the costs of providing that care. This panel looks at the problem from an on-the-ground view and explores the pros and cons of different strategies to minimize losses from providing delivery care. It will also explore the need for policy-based reforms to ensure providers receive adequate compensation and patients receive necessary care. To learn more and to register, please visit the event website