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Our attorneys have nearly 30 years of combined experience in a variety of practice areas to meet your legal support needs.

Reproductive Health Law

We proudly support a wide array of organizations and providers who help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health. In particular, we specialize in advising providers about the Family PACT and PE4PW programs. From assisting with both state and federal advocacy efforts to helping providers navigate the unfortunately complex rules that often apply to reproductive healthcare, we stand with our clients in their fight to preserve choice and access.

Corporate Governance

Working with boards of directors on corporate strategy and governance is a key component of our counsel. We understand the delicate interplay between directors and managers and help clients craft bylaws and governing documents that advance the mission of their businesses. Leading strategic planning sessions, providing guidance on ethical board conduct, and helping directors meet their fiduciary duties is a core to our approach in working with for-profit and nonprofit corporate boards.

Regulatory Compliance

Our clients share a common trait: they all work in highly regulated sectors requiring a laser-focused attention to compliance. From Stark, anti-kickback, HIPAA, and CMIA to the myriad regulations and reporting requirements for cannabis businesses, we know firsthand how overwhelming it is to stay current and compliant with the ever-changing rules governing regulated health and wellness markets. Our team will make sure you get the information you need to make informed decisions about your business.

Licensure & Enrollment

We have extensive experience helping both healthcare and cannabis providers navigate California’s licensure and enrollment processes. Our team has prepared thousands of applications and filings for facilities like community clinics including FQHC and 1206(h) clinics. Our substantial experience allows us to maximize client resources and minimize interruption in services and revenue. We also have experience acquiring licensure for commercial cannabis operators from all state licensing agencies and numerous local jurisdictions.

Legislative, Policy & Social Justice Advocacy

DJR Health Law & Consulting brings a specialized background to healthcare and cannabis policy by combining over 70 years of legal expertise with years of actual experience drafting legislation for members of the California Legislature. Leveraging our Sacramento location and our well-established relationships with regulators allows our team to regularly participate in stakeholder meetings, advise healthcare and wellness advocates on policy proposals, and serve as subject matter experts to help bridge the gap between law, policy, and the delivery of healthcare and wellness services.

Commercial Contracting

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business and we know commercial agreements from the preamble to the signature line. We work with clients to create a suite of documents that will protect their company from risk throughout the entire supply chain. Healthcare contracting, in particular, has a host of regulatory and reimbursement considerations that require specialized expertise. Our team knows these rules and will always incorporate them into well-crafted commercial agreements that fully protect our clientele.

Audits & Investigations

DJR Health Law & Consulting represents clients facing adverse actions such as temporary suspension or disenrollment from programs such as Medi-Cal and Family PACT, overpayment obligations from adverse audit findings, or issues with billing anomalies. We develop a creative and customized course of action for each client that aligns with their specific needs, which may include a settlement or exploring various administrative legal challenges. The key is finding the right solution immediately to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses and to allow providers to turn their attention back to the meaningful work they do each day.

Billing, Coding, Reimbursement, and Payer Contracts

Clients rely on our deep knowledge of the laws and billing requirements governing the Medicare and Medi-Cal programs, including Medi-Cal subprograms like Family PACT, EWC, and others. We provide sophisticated front-end payer contract counsel on both public and private payor contracts. We advise on all aspects of a provider’s revenue cycle process with expertise related to Medi-Cal and Medicare certification, site-of-service, out-of-network reimbursement, suspension of payments, and retroactive payment adjustments.